Hostel Facility

The College has hostel facilities separately for men and women. It Shall be the duty of every resident to maintain integrity of character and follow high tradition of discipline set by the college.All residents are expected to return to the hostel by the stipulated time in the evening.Violation of the Rules will invite Heavy monetory fines and if repeated mey entail removal from the hostel.

Smoking , drinking alcoholic beverages, dealing and consuming prohibited drugs, immoral conduct, entertaining unauthorized guests and disturbing other inmates are punishable as violation of hostel discipline. Damage to the property of the college will be severly dealt with and the cost of the repair will be recovered from the student.

Ragging other students is totally banned. Those students found involved in such activites will be dealt with as per the anti ragging laws laid down by the government.

The hostel boasts of a hygienic modern kitchen which caters to the needs of the hostel inmates. The Hostel has a telephone facility for the benefit of the parents who would like to call their wards.