The Global College of Nursing owes it's genesis to the National Education Foundation, a trust formed by it's dynamic members headed by Sri D.K.Shivakumar to ensure cutting edge quality nursing education comparable to the world. This will also help create a top-notch resource pool in the field of nursing services and education.

The National Education Foundation, a trust started in the year 2000, is dedicated to the cause of quality education from preschool to post graduate level. At present the trsut is running five institutions : The National Hill View Public School, The Global Academy of Technology, Global Academy of Teachers Education and also the Global Academy of Management. The emphasis at these institutions is on personal attention. Motivated faculty teams are supported by the finest infrastructure within a well designed campus facilities. These institutions provide the best choice in holistic education for bright and ambitious students

The Global College of Nursing aims to prepare globally competent, resourseful and skillful nurses. The ultimate goal is to give the students a methodical, thorough training to help them achieve global leadership status in the field of nursing services and education.

A powerful combination of skills, capabilities and innovations with a firm eye on the motto of providing quality education. To Enhance , stimulate and accelarate the process of learning, the best available resources are at the hands of the faculty as well as students. This ensures that standards are maintained at all times and also the educational requirements are met

Latest News

Admission is in progess for the academic year 2015-16

We congratulates our 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year GNM students for securing 100% result in Karnataka State Board Examination (2013-14)

We congratulate our 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year B.Sc (N) students for securing 100% result in university examination (2013-14)

List of Distinction holder & Toppers of the university examination 2013-14.

Kripa Sharma ( I Yr. B.Sc (N) 75.7%)

Rojina Shrestha ( I Yr. B.Sc (N) 75%)

Sangita Gosai (2nd Yr B.Sc (N) 83.2%)

Sabnam Byanjankar (2nd Yr. B.Sc (N) 80.4%)

Sita Thapa ( 2nd Yr. B.Sc (N) 80.4%)

Nirjala Sigdel( 2nd Yr. B.Sc (N) 78.7%)

Sadikshya Adikari ( 2nd Yr. B.Sc (N) 78.7%)

Shardila Maharajan( 2nd Yr. B.Sc (N) 78.2%)

Nirja Chaudhary ( 2nd Yr. B.Sc (N) 77.7%)

Srijana Gurung ( 2nd Yr. B.Sc (N) 77.7%)

Chandani Lama ( 2nd Yr. B.Sc (N) 76.1%)

Sarita Lama ( 2nd Yr. B.Sc (N) 76.1%)

Saru Maharajan ( 2nd Yr. B.Sc (N) 75.4%)

Samana Khadka ( 2nd Yr. B.Sc (N) 71.16%)

NEENA ANN VARGHESE ( 3rd Yr. B.Sc (N) 82.5%)

SUJITHA KARKI ( 3rd Yr. B.Sc (N) 80.2%)

CHINCHU ANTONY ( 3rd Yr. B.Sc (N) 78.6%)

SWAYAMATA ACHARYA( 3rd Yr. B.Sc (N) 78.1%)

VRINDA VIJAYAN ( 3rd Yr. B.Sc (N) 77.5%)

RAMA KUNWAR ( 3rd Yr. B.Sc (N) 77.1%)

Rolly Kuruvilla ( 4th Yr. B.Sc (N) 78.6%)